Video Lessons

School MSM has compiled many videos of popular driving test locations around the island including St Mary’s Roundabout, Coppins Bridge and others. This page will help you to learn the correct way to approach these locations on your test with full information on turn signals and lane positions. Scroll down to see them all!

St Mary’s Roundabout

Betty Haunt Lane

Coppins Bridge Approaches

Bridge Cinema to Ryde via Fairlee Road

Bridge Cinema to Sandown


Left Hand Reverse (Left Reverse)

The Left Hand Reverse manoeuvre is carried out at a junction or side road, NEVER onto a main road or carriageway. A a proficient learner driver you will be expected to carry out this manoeuvre under sometimes complex and difficult circumstances.

The junction may be tight, there may be an incline or a decline, and the main road you are reversing from may be quite busy. As you'll realise, a great deal of skill and coordination is required to successfully achieve it - but with the right amount of practice you'll be safely and smoothly left hand reversing in no time at all!

The Emergency Stop Procedure

For the practical section of the driving test, an examiner will often request the driving candidate (the learner driver) to perform an emergency stop. This is done in order to evaluate how well a candidate can react to a dangerous situation and bring their motor vehicle to a safe stop.

Currently around 1 in 3 candidates undertaking a practical driving test have to perform an emergency stop, and this manoeuvre is usually carried out at around 20 to 30 mph.