Learn to Drive at 16 - Approved Driving Lessons

We at School MSM understand that 16 year olds are keen to start to drive and of course we want to help them. Over the years we have taken young students to a car park to let them have a drive, but through experience we also find that they do not learn very much, due to being in a car park where you are limited.

Therefore we have decided, for a while, to no longer teach the under 17’s. Instead we will give you this offer, on or within a two week period of a clients 17th birthday, we will offer you an hour and a half lesson for free.That's right for FREE.

We feel that a client will learn a lot more by being on the road. We will take them to a quiet location and all our cars have dual controls.

This free lesson will consist of a ‘cockpit check’ to make sure that they are comfortable and can see out of the mirrors and reach all the controls.

A run through of the controls, the ones we use with our hands and all the pedals, with an explanation of how and when we use them.

An explanation of how we drive on the road, where we stay in our lane and where it is safe to pull over to the left and park.

If and when the pupil is ready they will be shown how to move the car forward and stop in a safe and controlled way.

If and when the pupil is ready they will then be taken for a short drive and shown how to go up and down the gears.

We never want a client to feel uncomfortable or scared when they start to drive, so all lessons will be adapted to the clients needs and wishes, and they are free to talk to their instructor at any time with any questions or concerns that they might have. Remember that no question is a silly question and we aim to make your first drive an enjoyable one.